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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Very Pinoy

Very Pinoy

      Their are many things that only Filipino can do. Things that most Filipino do or they put a Filipino flavor on it. Very Pinoy or a Filipino way of doing such things. Curious about it? Below was some of the  Very Pinoy  event or actions.

Boodle feast

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               Its a gathering or event where a crowd or mass of people will eat in one plate or table with your bare hands.  Eating where the food is prepared in a long tables and banana leaves serves as the plate. It is based in a military style of eating.

Bayanihan (Filipino Style of helping others)

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          Bayanihan is a Filipino word
of helping each other.  As you can in the photo their carrying a house or nipa hut. They help one another to move the house. Means that having a teamwork, camaraderie and unity you can carry or do anything.

Calesa and karitela (means of transportation)

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               One of the unique means of  transportation of Philippines were the Calesa or karitela. Horse- driven vehicle yet guided by a man or a kutsero.

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