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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Where do Broken Heart Go! Tagatay!

If your broken and you want to be alone! Tagatay is the best place to go!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Very Pinoy

Very Pinoy

      Their are many things that only Filipino can do. Things that most Filipino do or they put a Filipino flavor on it. Very Pinoy or a Filipino way of doing such things. Curious about it? Below was some of the  Very Pinoy  event or actions.

Boodle feast

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               Its a gathering or event where a crowd or mass of people will eat in one plate or table with your bare hands.  Eating where the food is prepared in a long tables and banana leaves serves as the plate. It is based in a military style of eating.

Bayanihan (Filipino Style of helping others)

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          Bayanihan is a Filipino word
of helping each other.  As you can in the photo their carrying a house or nipa hut. They help one another to move the house. Means that having a teamwork, camaraderie and unity you can carry or do anything.

Calesa and karitela (means of transportation)

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               One of the unique means of  transportation of Philippines were the Calesa or karitela. Horse- driven vehicle yet guided by a man or a kutsero.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Most Favorite Breakfast of Filipino


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            The most famous  bread in the Philippines. The Pandesal or the Bread of salt. This bread has a big part of every Filipino's life.Even Filipinos are known for Rice lovers, pandesal is still one of the most favorite breakfast in the Philippines. So its not so surprising if Pandesal has a big influence on Filipinos Food.
             They love to partner it with hot coffee or chocolate while watching the sun rise every morning. Perfect breakfast especially if its fresh baked to make the day start right. Pandesal, the bread of Filipino,

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cheapest Yet the Best Places for a Vacation

        Looking for a wonderful place to go to? A affordable yet a really nice places for a vacation?Try to visit the Philippines. Where many hidden paradise are located that suited for your ideal vacation at affordable prize.
        The country does not just offer a cheap prize for a vacation but a vacation that make sure that you will enjoy and fall in love to the place over and aover again.  Having doubt? Come and join us in Explore and discover the Hidden beauty that Philippines can offer. Here are some of the places that surely make you say "I wanna go there"

Pamalican Island or also known as "Amanpulo"

     - with the white sand , very clear water and fresh air, your vacation will surely relaxing. As you can see on the photos is so relaxing and quite. Its suite for the newly wed and very nice for the honey mooners over there. The island is surrounded by water and you can getr there by a plane. Where you can see the whole view of the island and its whole beauty. 


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Best Diving Spot Here in the Philippines

Philippines doesn't just have beautiful beaches and resorts. Because behind the clear blue ocean their are hidden paradise under it. Lets travel to Philippines and discover the hidden paradise underwater in the Philippines.
Here are some of the Best Diving Spots.

Dauin, Negros Oriental

Largest city and capital of Negros Oriental, Philippines with 125,000 inhabitants.With white sand beaches located in Dauin and along Mindanao Sea there where a precious hidden treasures are located underwater.
Dauin, marine sanctuaries.
Dauin offers the best scuba diving site wherein you can see both coral reef and bunch of different fishes. The place are full of marine species and a real paradise underwater.The province really have the best marine sanctuaries such as Luca, Masaplod,Mainit and of course Dauin, wherein they prohibited fishing and boats to preserve the the sanctuaries that has a huge population and variety of life forms found therein.

Puerto Galera

Like the Dauin, Puerto Galera can also offer what it has.
Puerto Galera is located northwesternmost municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. About 130 kilometers (81 mi)travel from Manila. A Paradise under the Blue clear ocean. Aside of great beaches where Puerto Galera is known of it has a hidden treasure under the sea. Full of different marine forms and variety of species. Wherein you can play with them underwater.

Kamanga Reef, General Santos

The world known the General Santos as the home of the Boxing Champion "Manny Pacquiao". Manny Pacquiao was born and grew up in General Santos. The city is also called the home the Champions because most of the boxing champions are from here even other sports and people herqa are really talented.

 And known of there big Tuna and matter of fact the city is called the Tuna capital of the Philippines. Aside from that it has also under water paradise that make us fall in love to it. 

 LIGPO ISLAND in Anilao, Batangas

A small island with a small drop-off and a cave on the east side and a underwater paradise. The dive spots offers lots of flat worms, nudibranchs, moray eels, catfish and squid. With beautiful coral reef and variety of fishes.

The diving site has an average depth of 90ft  to 200 ft the maximum. But you can find a paradise and has different marine species. 


Currimao, Ilocos Region, Philippines

 Currimao, Ilocos Region, Philippines you can find also a hidden paradise under the sea with a variety of species. Located at the southwestern portion of the province of Ilocos Norte along the vast shorelines of the China Sea. It is bounded in the North by the town of Paoay (formerly the mother town), on the east by Batac, on the south by Pinili and Badoc, and on the west by China Sea. It is approximately 465 kilometers northwest of Manila and about 27 kilometers from Laoag City. It's total land area is 3,590 hectares of flat, upland, rolling and forest lands.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top 10 Beaches in the Philippines

Philippines does have many best beaches.whether its white sand or not. name it Philippines have it. Here are the Top 10 out of hundreds of Best beaches that Philippines can offer.


          It is a tropical island resort that provides tourist with great entertainment such as night life activities that will spice up the visit.  White-sand beaches and crystal-blue water located in ILOCOS NORTE, Phlippines.


the most  favorite place of beach goers,Filipinos or foreigners. With the great white sand and cool waters people fall in love over and over again.Claimed as one of the best beaches in the world.  Located in the North West part of the Visayas area called Panay. Approximately 315km (200 miles) south of Manila and 2km off the northwest tip of the island of Panay in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines


 a private beach that spans about 750 meters long the Sulu Sea. The beach also has great white sands that can be compared to powder. The pool’s water comes from the spring water and the waterfalls that are on the area.


 known to be one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines.  Consider as the  “Garden of Eden” in the country. Has a great topography that includes waterfalls, and the hot and cold springs.  A place that you definitely fall in love and tempt you to go back.


a tiny island found hidden in it’s bigger nearby island of Bohol.

 Honda Bay. Surround the capital of the South Western province of Palawan. Tourist can go island hopping, diving and swim on the cool waters.Has variety of fishes without swimming out too deep.

 El Nido 

  known as the country’s last frontier.Also called the Island of the Gods. It offers great beaches that will take you away from the urban life. Best place to visit if you are looking for complete peace and quiet. Aside from the magnificent beach.Also offers you a sight of the beautiful seascapes, towering marble cliffs and a variety of tropical birds.

 Pearl Farm 

private paradise located in the quiet side of Samal Island. Offers an experience as valuable as a pearl. This is because of the great resort that is accompanied by the white sands


.One of the best surfing spots of Philippines. Offers you waves that can curl up to 12 feet high. Aside from the waves, the place also has beaches that still remains unspoiled by urban lifestyle.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Filipinos Love to Cook and Eat

       Filipino loves to cook and as well to eat. In fact in  every region they have their own delicious delicacies that really make their place mark in the map. This filipino food make a certain palce more popular not only inside the country and even outside. 
       Delicious food is the expertise of Filpinos name it they have it. From the most popular to exotic one, you can found here.
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