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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Best Diving Spot Here in the Philippines

Philippines doesn't just have beautiful beaches and resorts. Because behind the clear blue ocean their are hidden paradise under it. Lets travel to Philippines and discover the hidden paradise underwater in the Philippines.
Here are some of the Best Diving Spots.

Dauin, Negros Oriental

Largest city and capital of Negros Oriental, Philippines with 125,000 inhabitants.With white sand beaches located in Dauin and along Mindanao Sea there where a precious hidden treasures are located underwater.
Dauin, marine sanctuaries.
Dauin offers the best scuba diving site wherein you can see both coral reef and bunch of different fishes. The place are full of marine species and a real paradise underwater.The province really have the best marine sanctuaries such as Luca, Masaplod,Mainit and of course Dauin, wherein they prohibited fishing and boats to preserve the the sanctuaries that has a huge population and variety of life forms found therein.

Puerto Galera

Like the Dauin, Puerto Galera can also offer what it has.
Puerto Galera is located northwesternmost municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. About 130 kilometers (81 mi)travel from Manila. A Paradise under the Blue clear ocean. Aside of great beaches where Puerto Galera is known of it has a hidden treasure under the sea. Full of different marine forms and variety of species. Wherein you can play with them underwater.

Kamanga Reef, General Santos

The world known the General Santos as the home of the Boxing Champion "Manny Pacquiao". Manny Pacquiao was born and grew up in General Santos. The city is also called the home the Champions because most of the boxing champions are from here even other sports and people herqa are really talented.

 And known of there big Tuna and matter of fact the city is called the Tuna capital of the Philippines. Aside from that it has also under water paradise that make us fall in love to it. 

 LIGPO ISLAND in Anilao, Batangas

A small island with a small drop-off and a cave on the east side and a underwater paradise. The dive spots offers lots of flat worms, nudibranchs, moray eels, catfish and squid. With beautiful coral reef and variety of fishes.

The diving site has an average depth of 90ft  to 200 ft the maximum. But you can find a paradise and has different marine species. 


Currimao, Ilocos Region, Philippines

 Currimao, Ilocos Region, Philippines you can find also a hidden paradise under the sea with a variety of species. Located at the southwestern portion of the province of Ilocos Norte along the vast shorelines of the China Sea. It is bounded in the North by the town of Paoay (formerly the mother town), on the east by Batac, on the south by Pinili and Badoc, and on the west by China Sea. It is approximately 465 kilometers northwest of Manila and about 27 kilometers from Laoag City. It's total land area is 3,590 hectares of flat, upland, rolling and forest lands.


  1. Never thought that the Philippines has the most beautiful dive sites in the world. If I can, I certainly will be there with his family to enjoy the beauty of the sea there.

  2. yeah, the Philippines really has the best diving spots. Surely you will enjoy every second that you will stay here..


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